Critical review of:

Gianluca Gaudio

Mr. Gianluca Gaudio: Art Critic, showman, art collector
"In his great works there is an underlying theme, a universal thinking, the thinking of all in one and the only thing in the whole, This places him among the greatest masters of our times..."

Only during the night of St. Laurence we realize how fascinating is looking at a starring sky and how it is important to go beyond the horizon meeting the infinite. This is the great pictorial ability that distinguishes today’s art of the Master Gianni Piva.

Gianni Piva makes us reviving, in some moments of our life, that peculiar feeling, something we are not acquainted with anymore or just few times once we can estrange from the hectic reality of our everyday life. This is the great pictorial awareness of one of the finest Masters of our time. Gianni Piva, through the emotion of a moment, is able to paint endless landscapes full of infinite poetry, he paints the silence. Gianni Piva is the artist of the silence, the one who catches the importance of it in our life as a moment of meditation, a Zen breathing space and who delivers to the world a magic pictorial moment.

Since many years, I follow the artistic research of Gianni Piva who can be defined as one of the most intimate Master of Our Time. In fact, His presence in the Museums arrived soonest. The sono stati delighted once I Knew That His artworks were at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

Nevertheless, Gianni Piva does not limit himself to paint the silence, some starry skies, endless horizons making us understanding how deep can be our sea. He knows how to bring the viewer from a huge expanse to a precise vision of our life, into its fundamental details. That vision coincides with the embryonic stage of life, a very cerebral one. Nowadays, only few artists have been able to close the big gap between informal and figurative paintings…

And so… thanks, thank you very much… Gianni Piva.