Critical review of:

Mario Dal Bello

Prof. Mr. Mario Dal Bello: writer, art critic, journalist
"It 's rare that, a contemporary painter, reaches a similar feeling: a prearranged fate, where he is and to which we want to bring"

What is the world, the cosmos like according to Piva’s artistic vision? Today, as we witness the grievous death of nature wounded by man, there are poets – their expressive form is not important, whether figurative, literary, musical, fi lmic or

theatrical – that look at it with an unwounded, we might say, primitive eye. They are artists who conserve a basic spotlessness, a virginity, so that their expression maintains the candor of innocence, a child’s gaze. But, at the same time, the child within them understands life, pain, love, and creative torment. There is a new kind of artist in these creators and Piva is one of them – that do not deny the discoveries of the past and its achievements but do not stop at memory except for using it to create a launching pad for the exploration of new paths and original ways of speaking and looking look. His works, in fact, mirror someone who – temporal and spatial, whether they are seasons or places – with the soul of an untiring researcher into thoughts that are conceived out of visions and emotions.

Titles some: “Galassia”, “Sinergia”, “Tessuto Organico”, “Gora Konder”, “Sogno d’Inverno”, etc., do not seem to be mere assignments of mood or naturalistic descriptions but the intimately profound thoughts of the artist, providing a view of his intellect and imagination that together succeed in emerging as a kind of “new creation”. Using untraditional materials, laying out the scene in an abstraction that makes the material the protagonist, and assuming the non-figurative nature of language.

Piva does not break with his past or tradition but develops from them. And, as in music, moves from the tonal to the atonal system, not brusquely but with sweet harmony. Antique and new sweetness reign in Piva’s work, a distention of the soul even when the color is violent, the flashing lights probe, and the forms are apparently unresolved. The author loves the order of things. He lingers over the infinite mystery of the cosmos as if in front of a miracle. There is in him a frequent capacity to amaze that permeates the material in his work with tremors, implied sighs and perhaps also groans. Piva knows horror and certain vivid and brusque tonalities reveal this. He does not ignore “blame” as some material explosions seem to confirm. Basically, as a true poet, he investigates because he wishes to know man, who, however, is absent-present. It is nature for Piva – and he seems to mean by this everything alive in the cosmos – voice, word, thought.

Conceived for of a long lasting, amorous, acute overview. And this overview is concretized in pulsating material on a support. But what material? Piva is not a doubting, asphyxiated poet, twisted around himself. He is not enclosed in questions without answers like many artists of our Western world. Piva makes light, glaring or suffused, clear or dense, pass depending upon feeling. There is fury and enthusiasm in it but also a maternal touch of velvet and tenderness. It is rare that a contemporary painter achieves a similar feeling.

It ‘s rare that a contemporary painter reaches a similar sentiment. In Piva, the mystery of this matter that lights makes it appear to our eyes “flesh” nature that he abstracts, does not remove the “flesh”, that is, being full of life. If we stop, at least a little, before his works, although apart from the subject, even if you do not know the title, you would feel still swollen burned the soul. Because the mystery of existence, the field waiting to incarnate, is presented by Piva pure: color, form, light. That is life. For this, now, his art form can only be an abstraction, which is the infinite language. Where Piva is and to which we want to bring.