Critic review of:

Lucia Majer

Art critic, journalist and writer
"The mystery of existence, gradually reveals itself, we pass from the matter and the surface to enter the meanders of a fascinating world that recovers lost memories"

The gesture becomes spasmodic, fast. The color pples and it slip, and open’s. The energy is concentrated in a dense brushstroke and then explodes. Everything seems to become incandescent magma. The painting palpitates, breathes, lives and remembers itself as an autonomous organism.

The painting by Gianni Piva is thus proposed, immediate and without half terms. The warm and cold tones, softened by an intense and sinuous brushstroke, emerge from a decisive calligraphy, communicating suggestions and atmospheres that flow from a direct relationship with the natural reality. These are the formal data that emerge from the expressiveness of an author who, with an energetic temperament, admirably melts the impressions of the experience with the echoes that arise from his interiority.

Painting combines the two situations, codifies the vital forces that regulate the existence of man and nature, free the mobile profiles of colors, or rather of matter, in a context that takes on deep symbolic connotations. The stylistic dimensions reveal a temperament of neo expressionist matrix, given by the purity of the brushstroke and the autonomous draft of the color which, depending on the creative moment, thickens in stains and concentrated structures or dilates in refined tonalities.

Everything comes from the depths of the soul to transfigure emotions and sensations in the use of bright shades alternating with darker shades, light touches with incisive signs that slide freely on the surface to give life to distant gold-spangles marine, terrestrial crusts torn by fire, traces of archaic writing reminiscent of ancient cultures. The path gradually comes to life.

The author favors the relationship of contrast between tones, the drippings from red and black drippings, white tears with black or black backgrounds on red, light insertions given by the gold leaf on brown combustion effect, collage with jute’s bags and light iridescent shades . The observer’s gaze is fixed on some details, on the languages ​​of light, on the flakes of matter, on the fragments that reform the internal grain or the essence of the earth, fire, air and water. Suddenly we become aware of the emotional reflection that emanates from each canvas.

Gianni Piva’s paintings create an evocative dimension that reflects the psychic and profound dilatation of the human soul, transfiguring the symbiosis between man and environment. He shows us the least known side of things vital energy, while the outer eye is admirably summing up with the internal drives. The sinuous forms, the superimposed rhythms, the underlying energy, the flashes of light that act as a counterpoint to the shaded areas transfigure the presence of the physical tension that pervades existence. Thus the canvas assumes the quality of the object of knowledge becoming the place where natural elements establish oppositions and relationships, where the experience of the world, existential life, vitality and dynamic energy converge in the poetic aspirations expressed by the author. In fact everything proceeds within a simplification of a logical phenomenon, eliminating every element considered accessory, to arrive at the definition of the true perceptive substance or of the visual suggestion that one wants to represent. The phenomenon is brought back from the painter to its most original essence where the passions and the moods of the intimate flow together.

The artistic temperament of Gianni Piva gradually develops and becomes a means of effectively expressing the communicative power of what surrounds us along with details, which give each individual painting an autonomous and transfigured beauty, with mottling, cracks and fluid masses. Painting marks the meeting between the inner drive and the linguistic model expressed together in a balanced dialectic between form and content. Gianni Piva lives painting with a free spirit following every sensual psychic variation that is resolved in the shapes leavening in the light, in the decisive gestures, in the tangibility of the subjects that reflect an authentic organic energy.

His poetics is then investigated on the intimate value of the forces that belong to the internal and external reality of things, analysis of the drives that control the emotional and at the same time the artistic expression. The picture communicates, stimulates ever new and profound feelings. Surprise is inevitable, there is the feeling of being in front of something that involves the author and the spectator in the same way, a process of distortion in which everything melts and at the same time is amalgamated. The mystery of existence gradually reveals itself, we pass the matter and the surface to enter the meanders of a fascinating world that recovers lost memories.