How to invest in art online

emerging italian artists

Who can convince you or who can direct you to invest in arte online? Are you looking for answers between various solicitations and online proposals in which you succeed and we can come across, every day, between blogs, videos, reviews, editorials, etc.?

Maybe you’re even convinced “that it’s possible” to find online an answer or an indication about how to invest in art, and find it online, here is this Article on the artist Gianni Piva, in the site of: “l’Enciclopedia dell’Arte online” (which deals with various contemporary artists). It is a page that reports a review of a Art Curator and art Critic of undisputed reputation, of which advance an excerpt leaving you, then down below, the Link at the reference page, for a complete and direct reading”.-

-“The intriguing kaleidoscope of Gianni Piva: tell of liquid amazements (Formazione corallina), Argentine palpitations (Rocce al tramonto), emotional involvements, in that winter of the soul that you imagine depicted in Glaciation or in the admirable perception that he has been able to make of a snow-covered Forest dotted with scars-like scars: a sort of imaginative mirror in which many will recognize similar equally indelible signs.
No wonder, then, in this decisive cycle of Piva, the presence of three excellences that emerge, for quality and importance, with evident clarity: Crucifixion and the two variants of the Holy Shroud.
A art painter, any painter, who had completed such works, deserves unconditional esteem. Piva, also for this reason, is worthy of the broadest consensus, which is especially valid for how he has chosen to continue on this impervious but certainly fascinating road..

From / Extracted by “Quel qualcosa in cerca di noi”
Giovanni Faccenda
Florence, January 2013-

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