Gianni Piva: accredited by the curator of Giorgio Mondadori annuary artbook: “I inserted Gianni Piva between ten of the ten most significant artists of today’s contemporary scenes…” in the Yearbook “The Catalogue of modern Art”, Gianni Piva he realizes paintings and artworks that tell the nature: microcosm and macrocosm.

Gianni Piva, present with his paintings and sculptures in public and private collections all over the world, obtaining recognition of the public and critics of the highest level.

In Rome at the Museums of “San Salvatore in Lauro”, in an auction wrought by Christie’s, one important artwork of Gianni Piva, has been awarded to one of the most important and attentive Italian art collectors.

The artworks by Gianni Piva, an Italian artist, contemporary painter and sculptor, are the expression of a rare talent and a sure investment. An added value for Italian interior design exported all over the world by architects and designers, ranging from interior solutions to exclusive installations of yacht, hotel, villas, houses, urban spaces.

In the artworks of Gianni Piva reigns an ancient and new sweetness, a relaxation of the soul even when the color is violent, the flashing lights, the apparently unresolved forms.

For Gianni Piva it is nature – and with this, it seems to mean everything that lives in the cosmos – the voice, the word, the thought. Born from a sharp gaze, diuturno, amoroso. It is this look that is expressed in pulsating matter on a support: canavs, paints, sculptures.

It is rare for a contemporary painter. In Gianni Piva, the mystery of this illuminating material appears to be “flesh”: the nature that abstracts, does not remove the “carnality”, that is, the being full of life. Because of this, now, his art form can only be abstraction, which is the language of infinity. Where Gianni Piva is what he wants to bring us. Read more

In his great artworks of Gianni Piva there is a common thread, a universal thought lead, the thought of all in one and one in the whole, this aspect Gianni Piva Gianni Piva Gianni Piva Gianni Piva Gianni Piva of our time

This is the big pictorial ability that distinguishes today Gianni Piva, the one who makes us relive in every moment of our life that sensation, the one we rarely experience, only when we can relax and from the frenetic reality of every day.

Thanks the artistic research that Gianni Piva create, today can be defined as one of the most important and profound masters of our time.

It is the perception of life by Gianni Piva to the nth degree, the life seen under the microscope in its infinitesimal particle, described with the same sensitivity and attention of those places, the so-called places of the soul. These are those places that have enchanted the world, which continue to enchant each of us because they are an integral part of our being…

Today there are few great masters some Gianni Piva, that have managed to fill this great emptiness, the void that separates informal painting from figuration. Read more


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